Cover image of Chesapeake Past, Chesapeake Future (DVD).

Chesapeake Past, Chesapeake Future (DVD).

Lloyd, Robin, Producer; Coordinating Producer, Susan Jacobson; Executive Producer, Michael English. 2003. Produced by Maryland Public Television and the Chesapeake Bay Program's Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC). Distributed by special arrangement through Maryland Sea Grant. 2007. UM-SG-DP-2007-01. $10.00.
Produced in 2003; released on DVD in 2007. 27 minutes. This documentary begins with an evocation of the Bay as it was in the past and then questions what it could be in the future. Drawing on the innovative Chesapeake Futures report, the video describes different scenarios for the Bay in the year 2030, depending on what choices we make in the first decades of the 21st century.

Price: $10.00


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